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rideshare & houseshare, for travelers in Brazil. change country?
Gypsie is a great way to share costs of traveling while you are getting around Brazil. it’s also an awesome way to meet new travelmates and have a better time on your trip; as experiences are best shared.
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latest houseshare offers in BR.
other side hostel - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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Going somewhere? Reduce the costs of this part of your travel and meet some awesome people by sharing a ride with other travelers. Negotiate a pick up, drop off, and price that works.
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Got some spare seats in your vehicle? Share your costs of travel by offering them to other travelers. Post a ride offer then negotiate the perfect ride with people you want to travel with. Gypsie keeps it organised.
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Looking for a great place to stay with some locals? Share a place with some locals and get all the local info on the area you are staying in, while reducing cost.
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Have a spare couch, bed or driveway? There are so many awesome travelers who are willing to pay to stay there! Meet some really cool people and share your costs of living by offering a space at your property.
earn money while you travel.
Share a little #Gypsie tag on your social posts, and share in any returns it generates. Get your unique code in the ‘agency’ section of your admin (once logged in) and start turning your travel experiences into $ - so you can travel more and better.

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